The Secrets of Cacao - Vegan Chocolate Making Class
6:00 pm18:00

The Secrets of Cacao - Vegan Chocolate Making Class

  • Nia Moves

Learn about the health benefits and the various ways that cacao - a superfood- can be used to make some of the most chocolatey and decadent treats and desserts. Just in time for valentine’s day, this special vegan chocolate making class, will satisfies your sweet tooth without breaking your heart. This class will explore the different ways cacao is used, and what kind of cacao is available in the market. Students will learn how to differentiate unhealthy kinds of chocolate, and make their own treats with simple easy to get ingredients.  Bring a friend, your sweetheart, for this fun-filled experience.

Students will learn:

Cacao health benefits

Various forms of healthy and unhealthy chocolates

How to incorporate superfoods to chocolate treats

Fudge and sauce making

“White” chocolate treats

Tempered chocolating explain and demoed

Price: Must register by Friday, February 10th. Early-bird price $35 until 02/01. Regular price $42.

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