Holistic Health Assessments


Holistic Health Assessments

from 125.00

A natural approach to ascertain one’s health quality through a series of basic health tests and assessments. 

Each Holistic Health Assessment consists of:

-       p.H. testing

-       urine analysis

-       blood pressure test

-       blood glucose testing

-       whole body wellness analysis (including iridology)

-       disease development assessment

-       diet and lifestyle assessment (psycho-emotional)

-       Holistic Lifestyle Adjustment Support (HLAS) [optional follow-up ~ additional $35] 

*Phone/Skype consultations do not include the body testing. 


Upon submission of your completed intake form, you will be contacted to schedule a 1 ½ -hour consultation. Further instructions will be emailed to you to help you prepare for your assessment. Please Note *** NO medical diagnoses are made or implied during these consultations. However, further medical testing and screening may be suggested as a precautionary follow-up.